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SheFly® Go There™ Pant Review

SheFly® Go There™ Pant Review

Posted by Jaime Purinton on 30th Nov 2022

This review is my favorite review to date!!

I mean it is hard to top the Kula Cloth, a divine invention I use on every hike, and my favorite super comfy Purple Rain Skirt, but the SheFly pants have seriously taken the gold medal of Hike It Off gear reviews.

I've been following SheFly since the very beginning. Long before, they had multiple colors and sales of 800 pants in November (CONGRATS, LADIES, WOO-HOO)! I've watched them go from concept to reality and survive significant challenges in between- like that pesky global pandemic that created complex production limitations for small start-ups making women's pants with a crotch zipper.

Needless to say, it feels like I cheered them on for years before I finally got a pair on my body.

And let's say now that I have a pair, I'm forever obsessed.

I've worn them on every hike I've been on since I put them on for the first time (except for one because I forgot to wash them). They fit me perfectly and are the most comfortable hiking pants I've ever worn (so sorry, Prana, my usual go-to hiking pants). The material is soft yet durable and moves with my body, whether hiking up a mountain or scrambling over rocks.

But the real magic is in the design.

These pants have it all, including a patented zipper that zips from the front to the back, allowing me to "go" without pulling my pants down. I don't know about you, but for me, icy cold wind on my bum HURTS! And once my bum is cold, it takes a long time to warm up! Plus, not pulling my pants down is much more discreet and comfortable.

And the POCKETS!!

It's like the founders, Georgia, Bianca, and Charlotte, all listened to what we women have been yelling for years- "GIVE US POCKETS THAT WORK,” Like magic, they made pockets that work happen. There are five useful pockets, including a "stash" pocket that fits my iPhone easily. I can also unzip it with one hand, a small but mighty bonus. The hip pockets are zippered, which makes them secure.


The fabric is a four-way stretch material with a durable water-repellent coating. The pants are available in four colors and size 00-22. They have a medium-high waist (perfect for me) and are climbing harness and backpack compatible. I love the additional details like the adjustable waist tie and adjustable hems. The straight leg fits over my tallest hiking boots with no problem and can be cinched into joggers using the built-in ankle cord lock or rolled up higher using the calf snaps.

As excited as I was to receive the pants, I did have some concerns before I wore them. Would the zipper in the crotch be uncomfortable? Would it cause chafing? Would I accidentally zip up my "garden flowers"? What about underwear?

It turns out, SheFly thought of all those things ahead and designed a fabric flap on the inside that covers the zipper so you can't feel it- no chafing whatsoever. And to date, I have not even come close to accidentally zipping up any garden flowers. As for undies, I usually go commando, but I would assume if you're wearing underwear, you can pull them to the side when going.

These pants are pretty dang incredible. Get a pair, and you won’t be disappointed! I was so inspired by writing this review that I just bought a black pair! YASSSSS!

I want to extend a huge thank you to the ladies over at SheFly for designing such an impressive, innovative, and bold pair of women's pants. I am honored to share them with you and hope you'll get your pair (or two). SheFly has generously given the Hike It Off Community 15% off by using code HIKEITOFFLIFE at checkout. You can get your pair at: