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Stay Alive Pack Gear Review

Stay Alive Pack Gear Review

30th Jun 2020

We are always on the lookout for new, cool, and useful products we think would make hiking easier, more comfortable, and/or safer so when we learned about the Stay Alive Survival Packs we were very interested in checking one out. Stay Alive Pack's goal is simple- to help you be prepared, be proactive, and STAY ALIVE! Founder Tamar Tashdjian has traveled the world and witnessed the disparities between the rich and the poor and how that affects people's safety and well being. She also witnessed the lack of healthcare, resources, and education pertaining to surviving natural disasters and made it her goal to change that. Stay Alive Packs was founded in 2018 with the mission to provide individuals with the education and resources they need in order to survive in natural disasters and emergency situations. They produce emergency backpacks and first aid kits that are created with high-quality items that have been tested over time. Stay Alive also focuses on providing charity to groups that don’t have the resources necessary to survive emergencies.

This is a mission we can get behind 100%!

We were stoked to get our hands on their Outdoors Backpack- a perfect pack for anyone that will be headed out on a day hike. If hiking a long day hike or multiple day hike the survival kit can be moved easily to your pack of choice. We preach all the time about always carrying your 10 Essentials and this pack covers all of them and more. It is so handy to have this all in one place ready to go for your next hike. In fact, this would be a perfect pack to leave in your car at all times. The survival kit fits nicely in the pack with room to spare for snacks and other personal items. The pack itself may be simple, but what is included is amazing, especially for hikers without a ton of experience that don't know what to pack. You know you will have everything you need for an emergency with this pack.



The pack includes:

Emergency blanket: (Qty. 1)
Poncho: (Qty. 1)

Sawyer Water Filter – Mini: (Qty. 1) Also includes (1)16ozwater pouch, (1) straw, and (1) cleaning syringe.

Fire Starter/Heat:
Lighter: (Qty. 1)
Hot Packs: (Qty. 1)
Storm proof matches: (Qty. 1 box)
Tinder: (Qty. 2)

Navigating/Signaling Tools:
Compass + Carabiner: (Qty. 1)
Flashlight: (Qty. 1)
AAA Batteries: (Qty. 4)
Whistle: (Qty. 1)

Additional Items:
Para-cord 550: (Qty. 1) Includes 9 strands-7 white, 1 red tinder, 1 fish line.
Tactical knife: (Qty. 1) Features glass breaker

Ibuprofen: (Qty. 4 tablets)
Aspirin: (Qty. 4 tablets)
Non-aspirin: (Qty. 4 tablets)
Benadryl: (Qty. 2 tablets)

Burn Gel + First Aid: (Qty. 2 packets)
Hydrocortisone Cream 1%: (Qty. 2 packets)
Triple Antibiotic Ointment: (Qty. 2 packets)
Sunscreen SPF30: (Qty. 1)

Wound Care:
Alcohol Pads: (Qty. 8)
Antiseptic BZK Towelettes: (Qty. 6)
White tape: (Qty. 1)
Exam Gloves: (Qty. 2)
Ace Bandage Wrap (Qty. 1)
Cotton Swabs: (5 half)
Band-Aids: (Qty. 15)

Additional Items:
Scissors: (Qty. 1)
Tweezers: (Qty. 1)
Nextemp: (Qty. 2)
Safety Pin: (Qty. 2)
Masks: (Qty.2)



If a larger pack with emergency items for multiple people are needed Stay Alive Pack offers a superior pack that is bigger with more supplies. You are also able to purchase the survival kits without the packs as well. Overall, we think this is an awesome product and recommend it for all hikers. You can get your pack here.
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