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SilverAnt Outdoors Titanium 800ml Screw Top Clip Bottle Gear Review

SilverAnt Outdoors Titanium 800ml Screw Top Clip Bottle Gear Review

4th Apr 2021

One thing we can always embrace 100% is gear that is ultra-light but also lasts a long time. It seems a lot of the time ultralight doesn’t equal a long gear life so we end up sacrificing years of life for less of a load on our backs.

Enter SilverAnt.

SilverAnt was founded on creating the best titanium outdoor products that will last a lifetime. In fact, they even back up their products with a lifetime guarantee. Titanium, if you didn’t know, is a highly versatile and long-lasting material that offers unparalleled quality and lightness. Its low density and high strength make it a perfect metal to make lightweight outdoor gear out of. 

SilverAnt nailed both durability and ultra-lightness with the Titanium 800ml Screw Top Clip Bottle. It’s so light, we actually still notice its lightness every time we pick it up. In fact, we love to hand it to unsuspecting hikers and watch their faces when they feel how light it is. Everyone is always pleasantly surprised. The insulating sleeve that is included, keeps your drink cold or warm and the top clip is handy for clipping it to your pack or belt with a carabiner for hands free hiking.

 The bottle is suitable for outdoor adventures and also as an everyday companion. Drinking from a titanium bottle is safe, as it’s a biocompatible material, non-corrosive and non-toxic. There are no horrible chemicals like BPA’s or toxins in the bottle and the easy screw top lid ensures getting your needed hydration isn’t a chore.

Grade 1 quality titanium
Uncoated and unlined
Ultralight titanium construction
Perfect weighted feel
Corrosion resistant
Non toxic/non allergenic
Insulating sleeve
Lifetime guarantee

Weight: 167g/5.9 ounces
Capacity: 800ml/28 fl oz
Diameter: 70mm/2.8 inches
Height: 245mm/9.65 inches

Product Care:
Wash with a non-abrasive cloth and warm water with a mild detergent. If you use an abrasive cloth you will scratch and affect the natural finish of the titanium. Please do not wash the titanium in a dishwasher and always wash by hand. After washing, dry and store ready for the next adventure.

To learn more about SilverAnt and purchase the Titanium 800ml Screw Top Clip Bottle click here.