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SAXX Hot Shot Tee & Boxer Briefs Gear Review

SAXX Hot Shot Tee & Boxer Briefs Gear Review

16th Jun 2021

We felt like we hit the jackpot with SAXX’s Hot Shot Tee and Boxer Briefs with their exclusive DropTemp™ technology! The unique materials they are made from boost your body’s natural cooling capacity through….. evaporating your sweat! SAXX explains the science of how this works (see below). Plus, the fabric was tested along with other major brand’s materials by a 3rd party laboratory in Germany and performed well. The WATson Test, which measures evaporative cooling in fabrics, showed the DropTemp™ technology was a clear winner.

The science as explained by SAXX:


Sweat is good. But not when it’s stuck next to your skin. DropTemp™ wicks sweat quicker than the “experts” in cooling. 


Science not chemistry. DropTemp™ uses a unique structure to move moisture off your skin and keep you cool. And unlike chemical cooling treatments, structure sticks around workout after workout - wash after wash. Once again, it’s wicked quick.


With sweat distributed through the fabric evenly, it’s primed to evaporate, and drop that temp. Any guesses which cooling fabric is quicker when put to the test? We’ll give you three.


Go from hot and wet to cool and dry, fast and faster.

Hot Shot Tee:

After wearing the tee on a few warm hikes we completely fell in love. It is so comfortable, breathes well, and does keep you cooler. This is an absolute must when hiking in Southern California in the summer heat to remain comfortable. We also really loved the fit- while it is a comfortable tee, it still fits and looks good! The small details, like the logo hem tag and contrasting texture give it a luxurious feel. 

Tee Features:

-Ease over body fit. Accommodating through the chest, shoulders, and waist while maintaining a modern silhouette.

-Keeping you cool when the heat is on. Hot Shot comes equipped with our exclusive DropTemp™ technology, boosting your body’s natural cooling capacity.

-DropTemp™ cooling technology, Three-D Fit™, Flat Out Seams™

-Recycled polyester (85%) and elastane (15%).


Hot Shot Briefs:

It took a little bit for us to get used to the unique fit and we do recommend sizing up if you are in-between sizes for a more comfortable fit. The venting and material is very cooling and is perfect for warm weather. 

Briefs Features:

-Relaxed Fit: form-fitting through the butt and thighs, with extra ease at the leg opening.

-Fly for quick and easy access.

-Equipped with our DropTemp™ technology, boosting your body’s natural cooling capacity.

-DropTemp™ cooling technology, BallPark Pouch™, Three-D Fit™, Flat Out Seams™

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