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Ruggette "The Pants"- Gear Review

Ruggette "The Pants"- Gear Review

Posted by Jaime Purinton on 12th May 2021

I couldn’t wait to wear my new Ruggette "The Pants" on a hike but with the recent heatwaves and fires that resulted in the closure of California’s National Forests it took me awhile to be able to finally wear them on the trail. That is until last weekend when the smoke cleared, the temperatures dropped, and we got the chance to hike seven miles on our favorite local trail in Palomar Mountain State Park. Before the sun was even shining, I slid into my pair of Ruggette pants, laced up my trail runners, grabbed my pack, and jumped in the car- so excited to finally get to the mountains after what seemed like some very long weeks. Although I had worn the pants around the house a bunch and loved them, I was excited to try them on the trail as I am always looking for new hiking pants. 

After parking at the trailhead and heading out on the trail, within the first mile of our hike, I was hooked. These pants are comfortable, yet durable, but what got me are the pockets galore. Pockets are generally a sore subject for us outdoor women with the fact that most major outdoor companies just don’t think we need them, and most of the time if there are pockets they are limited and small and not much use. These pants are designed with multiple large pockets (YES!!!)- I actually had options as to what pockets to use and wasn’t limited to just one that barely worked. 

I also really love the high waist on the pants because they don’t fall or roll down like many of the yoga pants I wear on the trail. I didn't get distracted once by having to pull up my pants and was able to keep my attention on the beauty around me. The waist band is stretchy in the back and has plenty of give with a double snap closure and zipper fly. They are made from a 53% hemp, 44% PET (recycled polyester), and 3% spandex blend so they’re super comfortable, light, but still have structure and look cute. And if you didn’t know, according to Ruggette, hemp is a super fabric- it has earned the title as one of the most eco friendly fabrics in the world because it requires no pesticides, produces oxygen, can be cultivated in as few as 100 days, controls topsoil erosion, and is hypo allergenic. They also have a drawstring and toggle spring clasp in the bottom pant hem so you can close the pants around your ankles- which I love when I’m wearing them with my Earth Runner sandals. Currently they come in the wine color (which I love) and they plan to make more colors in the future. 

As much as I love the pants, it is also equally important to me to support women owned businesses, especially ones who get it. The founders Lily and Isabel definitely get it and make their gear “to smash the gender-specific adventure gap by creating tough, sustainably sourced gear that feels good, looks good, and works for womxn of all identities, shapes, and sizes”. They have designed a technical outdoor pant for hikers and climbers that solve many of the issues we find with other brands.

And even though they are “technical”, I know they will be my go to travel pants as well. I’m seriously hooked. I do recommend ordering based on your measurements and not size as they run very small. I sized up two sizes from my normal size. I also recommend washing before wearing so they are extra soft. If you're looking for a pair of functional pants that are soft, durable, and look cute these are them!


  • Purpose: Designed for rock climbing and hiking. These PANTS are technical: Your average legging is made of 4 pieces of fabric, while these are made of 32.
  • Look: Loose for comfort and mobility but structured to flatter
  • Fit: High waisted with a strong elastic in the back to support you when you move
  • Function: Six deep pockets with unique openings for versatile uses, including one zippered pocket
  • Durability: Reinforced in high-stress areas, including the knees and inner thigh
  • Material: A blend of 53% hemp, 44% PET (recycled polyester), and 3% spandex - feels light and durable

Get your own pair of The Pants here.
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