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Kula Cloth™ Gear Review

Kula Cloth™ Gear Review

29th Mar 2019

Over Labor Day weekend we headed up to the Sierra for a 4 day/3 night backpacking trip hiking the Thousand Islands Lake Loop in the Ansel Adams Wilderness. I was lucky enough to receive a prototype Kula Cloth™ from Kula Cloth Founder and Musical Mountaineer, Anastasia Allison, to try out on this trip. Considering how much I practice Leave No Trace Principles (click here to if you don’t know what they are) and believe they are vital to keeping our trails and back country clean, I was super excited to try out the Kula Cloth™ and hopefully use much less toilet paper and have a safe antimicrobial p-cloth option. Plus I love supporting small women owned hiking businesses so the whole concept was a win/win for me.

If you haven’t noticed, toilet paper litter on trails is a major issue. On every hike I go, whether it’s just a day hike or multi-day backpacking trip, there is toilet paper all over the trail. It is so frustrating to see, especially because it’s so simple to dispose of properly. But there is a side of it I get, it’s gross to pack it out and not everyone carries a shovel to bury it properly- hence the TP strewn trails. Anastasia has created a reusable and affordable product that addresses this and is a simple and easy way not to contribute litter the trail.

So how did it work?

Amazing! I give the Kula Cloth™ 10 bright and shiny stars. It is a great product and will become a staple piece of gear for my backpack. I can say I saved a bunch of TP and my trash bag was much lighter hiking out on day four. I highly recommend one for all women hikers, whether you’re a day hiker or backpacker. It really is an innovative and useful product that is easy to use. Anastasia hopes to see a Kula Cloth™ on every backpack and dreams of a day it will be used for more than just backpacking and outdoor related activities. She hopes it will become a piece of gear for all women military personal while in the field and an option for women in underdeveloped countries with lack of feminine hygiene resources.

So what are the benefits of using one besides using less TP on a hike?

  • Black “wipe” area so any wet spots or urine stains are invisible.
  • Made from advanced silver-infused textiles that are purposely intended to be in contact with the human body.
  • Non-toxic fabrics and eco-friendly materials (many are organic) that are manufactured sustainably in the United States.
  • Waterproof backing to keep your fingers dry.
  • Double snap feature that clips easily on your backpack during the day and tent at night. Can be folded over and snapped so the pee side of the cloth isn’t visible.
  • Reflective detail so it is easily seen at night.
  • Dries quickly and is super absorbent.
  • Can be washed in the washing machine after use.
  • Genius piece of gear made specifically for women on the trail!

Get your own Kula Cloth here!