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Fernweh Food Company Review

Fernweh Food Company Review

Posted by Jaime Purinton on 30th Oct 2021

We’ve been waiting for over a year to try Fernweh Food Company’s backpacking meals and we finally got that chance a few weeks ago when we backpacked a few days out of Mammoth, CA. It’s always somewhat of a gamble to try new meals backpacking because having a bad backpacking meal just sucks!

Enjoying an awesome meal after a long day of hiking is such a comfort and we hit the jackpot with Fernweh’s Mushroom Pot Pie and Red Beans, Greens, and Coconut Rice dinners! Made from 100% plant based and whole ingredients these meals are not only delicious they are healthy too! We felt full and satisfied after the meals and knew we were getting a ton of nutrition and not just “filling” our stomachs with junk food to get us by. These meals are real fuel for your body- and that is so important when backpacking.

Besides being tasty and highly nutritious Fernweh Food Company is changing up the adventure food market by creating low-impact packaging & bulk dehydrated meals in addition to lowering their carbon footprint by only offering 100% plant based meals. We also love that it is woman founded and ran- something we always want to support.

Their meals come in 100% compostable packaging or in Omnidegradable Packaging. According to their website, “Omnidegradable packaging is made of materials that decompose wherever there are naturally-occurring microbes, which means they can degrade almost anywhere, and they decompose much quicker than traditional plastic packaging. We like the Omnidegradable packaging because you can cook in the pouch too”!

They also offer some of their dehydrated meals in bulk which means less packaging, more food, and a bit of a discount. The bulk option is great for larger groups or if you want to cook your meals in your own cookware.

We already have purchased more of their meals for our next backpacking trip in a few weeks and know that our meals are going to be such a comfort each night!

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