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Appalachian Gear Company All-Paca Hoodie Gear Review

Appalachian Gear Company All-Paca Hoodie Gear Review

Posted by Jaime Purinton on 1st Mar 2021

When I first opened the box for this hoodie, I was instantly in love.

The color? So beautiful, lush, and deep.
The feel? The softest hoodie I have ever felt.
The quality? Absolutely stunning.

I couldn't wait to put it on and try it out. I happened to have plans to sip Sangria at an outdoor vineyard in my area that evening, so I didn't have to wait long. The forecast was cold and windy, a perfect combo to try this hoodie out. I slipped it on with my favorite pair of jeans (so cute together) and headed out to the vineyard. When we arrived, I got out of my car, and it was cold and windy, but I was warm and cozy in this hoodie. Not only did it feel so good against my skin, but I stayed warm even while drinking cold Sangria in winter weather. I also got a ton of compliments on it. I knew this hoodie would perform well on the trail in even harsher conditions and was even more excited to really put it to the test.


I got that chance just a week later when we had a major winter storm moving into Southern California. Our local mountain, Palomar, was forecasting up to 2' of snow in less than 24 hours, wind, and frigid temperatures. It was exactly the conditions I was looking for, plus I am always up for a snowshoeing trip! We headed up the mountain, and mother nature didn't disappoint- it was near perfect snowshoeing conditions. The hoodie worked well for the strenuous activity. It kept me warm, was breathable, and was super comfortable. I had multiple layers on and adjusted as needed throughout the day. The hoodie performed exceptionally well.


I love how this hoodie is super lightweight, breathable, and packable. It works well both on and off the trail and is unbelievably warm for how light it is. It fits super well, and the cut looks good on, so it is a piece of clothing you can wear anywhere and look good. It is well made- specifically made to be used for backpacking and climbing. According to AGC, "the knit structure and fiber properties allow perspiration to escape while retaining its amazing insulating properties easily. Its exceptional properties allow it to be worn in a wide range of temperatures". Since I have only worn it in cold temperatures so far, I am excited to see how it feels when it isn't so cold.

According to AGC, "All-Paca™ Fleece is designed to wear with one layer or multiple layers under it. Alpaca Fiber doesn't absorb much moisture, and it dries really quickly. Our fleece is not at all thick or bulky and is warmer than other types of fleece that are much bulkier. Most importantly, Alpaca insulates even when it's wet. Down and synthetics will not insulate when wet. Alpaca is truly one of Nature's high-performance fibers, and it is very soft and comfortable to wear."

Key Features:
  • Pulls moisture away from skin for a more comfortable wear.
  • Keeps you cool when it’s hot out, warm when it’s cold out.
  • Resists the growth of bacteria that cause odors.
  • Meets the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s specifications for Class 1 fiber and does not melt.
  • Wears comfortably all day and is a great choice to pack for long hikes.
  • Alpacas' efficient eating and drinking habits have a smaller impact than other grazing animals.

The Trail Seam™ - The unique 100% Alpaca fiber fabric deserved a seam that would be worthy of Adventure. AGC designed their Trail Seam™ for tremendous toughness and durability, so you can be confident the gear will perform under extreme stress and prolonged usage. The hoodies and shirts have been thousands of miles and experienced millions and millions of rubs under backpack straps - and the Trail Seam™ has consistently met those stringent demands.
Weft Knit - 100% Alpaca fiber is knitted into a unique fabric that provides exceptional performance. Their special knit structure resists “running” - so if you poke a hole in it while you are in the backcountry, the hole may get slightly larger over time, but you don’t have to worry about the hole turning in to a long “run” as experienced in many lightweight knits.
Lightweight - Ensures this is a shirt you'll never hesitate to throw in your pack.
“Regular Fit” Style - Not too snug and not too loose. It looks great and allows for a full range of motion. Natural fibers perform at their optimal level when allowed a little room to breathe.
Longer tail - Provides coverage and allows for free movement.

Women's All-Paca Fleece Hoodie weights (varies from lot to lot):
XS - 8 oz.,
S - 9 oz.
M - 10 oz.
L - 11 oz.
XL - 12 oz.

A little bit about Appalachian Gear Company:
Appalachian Gear Company is an outdoor lifestyle company specializing in performance-based clothing and equipment manufactured in the United States. We're combining 45 years in the textile industry with countless miles logged on trails across the country to introduce innovative products that provide performance and value while minimizing environmental impact. Their lightweight Hoodies, Shirts, Beanies, and Gaiters are all made from 100% Alpaca yarn spun to their specifications. They knit their fabrics in their North Carolina, USA facility utilizing a Patent Pending process. Their garments are constructed in various sewing facilities located in the Southeast USA, supporting other small businesses. Picture