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Welcome to the I Am The Wild Experience. We created this self paced guide to support you in finding your connection to the wild and experiencing its divine magic. Our intention is to help you understand that we are all one- the earth, the moon, the stars, the trees, the animals, the rivers, and the sky. We are deeply connected and have symbiotic relationships with each component of the wild. The activities will teach you how to find and strengthen your connection to the wild through daily adventures, journaling, meditations, and affirmations. You will dive deep into nature and your inner self and have fun doing it! ​
The experience includes:   

Nature Activities 
Journal Prompts
Daily Affirmations
Printable Journal
Safety Information
Pro Tips
Invitation to the Private "I Am The Wild" Facebook Community with Guidance from Founders Tony & Jaime Purinton 
Help Support the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics
25% Off Code for "I Am The Wild" Gear

How does it all work? 
When you register, you will receive an invitation to a private page that includes the activity descriptions,  journal prompts, affirmations, and instructions. We will introduce each activity with a breakdown of how you will benefit and the importance of the activity you will be doing. We may include links to studies or research that supports the benefits of the activity. 
Activity: The activity portion of the day is where you will be given an action (or non-action) to take that will push you deeper into finding your wild. The activities will be hands-on and involve physically getting outside and interacting with the wild. They can be modified to suit your own needs or circumstances. 
Journal Prompts: Journaling is the reflective portion of each activity. It is a chance to dig deeper and really explore what you experienced for each activity. In addition,  journaling itself has its own benefits including stretching your IQ, evoking mindfulness, improving emotional intelligence, boosting your memory and comprehension skills, healing aspects, spark your creativity, and build your self confidence. Each day you will receive journal prompts that will allow you to reflect on the activity you completed.
Share: We encourage you to share in the private "I am the wild Facebook" community. Sharing builds connection and friendships. It allows us to see different perspectives and find commonalities with other like minded people. Each day, we will suggest something to share in the Facebook group to inspire connection and discussion. You are also welcome to share on your instagram and #iamthewild.
Affirmation: The affirmation is the engine driving the inspiration for the activities. Words are energy, and when we speak them, they create our reality. We encourage you to say your affirmation that is provided in your daily email out loud as a declaration to yourself and the universe. Speaking the words out loud gives them more power and aligns our intention with that power.
The divine magic you will find in the wild with this experience is the same magic that is inside of you. You may have lost touch with that part of you, but it has always been there and you will find it again in the I Am The Wild Experience. 
This magic has many gifts to offer you if you are willing to accept them including:

Reduced Stress
Reduced Feelings of Anger, Fear, and Anxiety
Increasing Overall Feelings of Well Being
Reduced Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, & Muscle Tension
Stronger Immune System
Feelings of Peacefulness 
Connection to Your Higher Self
Finding Your Meaning in Life 

Join us in the I Am The Wild Experience by registering below. You’ve been disconnected from the wild for so long it doesn’t seem like it’s a part of you anymore…. but you will soon find that the call you hear is you and you are the wild.
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